21 cannons salute at the Sri Nathdwara

Press release -14.july.2017

Resounding 21 cannon salute, spattering of milk people dancing to the tunes of “Nand Ghar anand bhayo, jai kahaniyalal ki” presence of the royals adorned in the Royal adobe , the Brigadiers and the custodians people dancing to the tunes of heavy drums in groups , alone ,in formations ,just like oneself, sounds like a fairy tales coming alive , yes …IAM right YES this is picturesque translation of the celebrations of the KRISHNA JANAMASTHMI at SRI NATHDWARA.

Krishna JAnamastmi

Royal 21 Cannon Salute

FAAG -Devotees

Celebrated with much gaiety and fanfare this festival is just superb and the entire atmosphere at the Temple town Sri Nathdwara is mesmerizing ,different and amazing , there is a lot of happiness , goodness in the air , there is humming the Vedic chants it indeed is so amazing that it pulls up the person spirits.

Janmashtami is dedicated to Lord Krishna’s birthday which is celebrated with full swings in India. It is believed that Lord Vishnu reincarnated as Lord Krishna on this auspicious day. Lord Krishna’s mythological backdrop reflects the importance of this festival. Lord Krishna was born on the eighth day in the Shravan of the Hindu lunar month. This is an important festival especially for the people of Vaishnava caste tradition in Hindu religion. On the eve of Shri Krishna Janmashtami, the birth anniversary of Lord Krishna is celebrated with the salute of cannons and guns at Sri Nathdwara temple of Nathdwara in Rajasthan.

The note carry’s a special thanks to CRIMSON PARK SHRIPRIYA, NATHDWARA ,the best premium hotel at the temple city to organize the timely arrangements of different Darshans , though it was very difficult as there were long cues of devotees but still it managed for us. Hotels close proximity to the temple was a advantage.

People not only from the internal regions but also from Gujarat and Maharashtra, visit Nathdwara to witness Lord Krishna’s seraphic festival. Here, important arrangements are made by the temple trust for security at the police and administrative level. The temple is decorated with attractive light decoration for the festival. The entire city of Nathdwara reverberates owing to the melodious sound of the drum, trumpet, and clarinet at the main entrance of the temple. A series of congratulatory exchanges began pouring in a month earlier from the Ashtami of Shravan of Krishna.

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